The Characters

Storm King's Thunder 
**Spoiler Warning for the Storm King's Thunder hardcover adventure** (you have been warned or some such)

The original party of adventurers for my group's Storm King's Thunder game is outlined below. Most of the characters have stayed the same but a couple of switched out, retired, or became "evil" enough that the character needed to be sidelined.
Player 1. Christiane (Chris) Desruisseaux- Female Human Wizard/Fighter (Necromancy) Mercenary Veteran (The Pointy End)
Player 2. Darrin Von Dorn- Male Human Warlock/Fighter (the Fiend (Asmodeus) and Champion) City Watch (Waterdeep)
Player 3. Dylan- Male Human Ranger/Rogue (Hunter and Assassin) Outlander
Player 4. Garoc- Male Half-Orc Paladin of Tyr (Oath of the Crown) Inheritor ("father's" armor)
Player 5. Leif Lumisson- Male Goliath (skinned as a big Human) Sorcerer (Storm) Charlatan


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