Session 7: Wight Night

Storm King's Thunder 

**Spoiler Warning for the Storm King's Thunder hardcover adventure** (you have been warned or some such)

Recap for Session 7: Wight Night
Long-Term Goal: Figure out what the Giants are up to and stop them.

Short-Term Goal: Complete the Triboar NPC quests in order to find clues into what is going on with the Giants.  Heading to Noanar’s Hold to drop off the harnesses Othovir made for Narth Tezrin.

High Points: Force Grey continued on their “Triboar” quests. First they had Felgolos sign onto their charter as “Mr. F”.

Force Grey stayed at the once-famous hunting lodge named _White Hart Inn_. During the night the _Hunt Lords_ paid Force Grey a visit and attempted to “hunt” Force Grey into extinction. Unfortunately for them, Force Grey prevailed and the _Hunt Lords_ were extinguished. Chris tried out some of her new abilities and raised four of the former lords as her servants (whom she then had watch over her compatriots). One of those risen servants seemed different in the morning. He yawned a lot and introduced himself as Mirak (the skull did at least) and a story was told from Leif about how he came into possession of the talking skull of Mirak Hysstryn. To complete their task, Force Grey took the harnesses up to Amrath Mulnobar and also sanctified the Hunt Lords’ Keep in prayer and fire.

While traveling to Olostin’s Hold, Force Grey had a couple of interesting encounters. One was in some Giant ruins where the party found some magical items (a potion of Giant Size and a Branch of Liv(Life)). Also looking over the ruins were a pair of Cloud Giant brothers who had a cordial conversation with Leif face to face, whereas Garroc had a conversation with the ground 60 feet away (via a Fling).

Later, Force Grey met some Cult of the Dragon folks flying an Airship. During that meeting a couple of Frost Giants popped up and attacked the party. Giving words of advice and admiration the Ancient Red Dragon named Klauth arrived and helped the party defeat the Giants.

The rest of Force Grey’s trip was uneventful and we will pick up just after lunch walking into Olostin’s Hold.

Complications/Unresolved Questions:   What knowledge does Felgolos have that could help Force Grey?  Will the Zhentarim hold a grudge for the debacle of the Grand Dame?  What’s next in Olostin’s Hold? What places does the group wish to visit in the North? What’s the deal with the Cloud Giant Countess Sansuri? Why was Klauth friendly? How does one acquire an Air Ship? What knowledge does Mirak have of the area?

Level Update: 7th Level.

DM Notes: This session was all over the place and my DM notes were huge. Lots of roleplay and some short encounters were had as well. I supplemented the Hunt Lords with some Lich Hounds (from Tome of Beasts). The Lich Hounds were definitely the more difficult opponent with their ability to blink between the Material and Ethereal planes.

Introducing Klauth and the Dragon Cultists was fun. I wanted to make sure that the groups had met before the chapter up at the Eye of the All-Father. Some enjoyable foreshadowing for me, the DM.


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