Session 2: A Great Upheaval Part 2

Storm King's Thunder 
**Spoiler Warning for the Storm King's Thunder hardcover adventure** (you have been warned or some such)

Recap for Session 2: A Great Upheaval Part 2
Long-Term Goal: Figure out what the Giants are up to and stop them.

Short-Term Goal: Survive the afternoon.

High Points: Force Grey made a deal with Snigbat (a Goblin) in order to free the Nightstone villagers. Snigbat asked that the party kill Boss Hark and the Ogres in the main cavern. Boss Hark took a little convincing in order to be killed but eventually his body guards and giant rats fell to the blades and magic of Force Grey. The Ogres, on the other hand, were suggested to leave by Leif and they took off looking for “better food” elsewhere. Snigbat made good on his promise and the villagers were released.
In Nightstone Force Grey was given a quest to find the ex-wife of the now-deceased Lionshield Coster owner (Darthag Ulgar) in Triboar and tell her of the happenings in Nightstone.
The trip to Triboar didn’t take as long as expected as the group ran into a friendly cloud giant named Zephyros who offered to transport them to a destination of their wish. Zephyros also told the group of the Ordning and its shattering which has let all the giants loose upon the lands. A few skirmishes later (a cult of folks from Yan-C-Bin, a Lord’s Alliance hit squad) and the party was dropped off a few miles away from Triboar.
Force Grey ended their day by finding a place to stay, talking with Alaestra (about her husband), and meeting the Lord Protector Darathra Shendrel just in time for some Giant stones to come sailing into town.

Complications/Unresolved Questions:  Will those ogres stay away from Nightstone or Snigbat? What was Zephyros’s deal? Yan-C-Who? Ordning what? What’s going to happen to Triboar and who threw those stones? How will staying at the stately, clean, and quiet Northshield House work out for Darrin and Garroc? What shenanigans may be happening at the Triboar Arms (the place that Dylan and Chris as staying)? What’s with the chilly, creaking, and decrepit rooming house called Six Windows and it’s odd owner Tolmara Hysstryn (where Leif is staying)?

Level Update: Force Grey gained 5th level during this session. If you would like to make minor tweaks and/or changes to your character please let Kevin know.

We will hit 6th level pretty quickly into this next session so please feel free to be prepared for that. After 6th the level bonanza will probably slow down…probably.

DM Notes: This session went quickly and the level gains came fast. Chapter 1: A Great Upheaval has the potential to be very fast paced, especially if your players enjoy being creative when problem solving. This wasn't a huge issue as my players rolled with the punches well but HEADS UP.
Something I decided highlight for my group was the various factions that have at least a passing mention in the adventure. I have had these factions show up throughout Force Grey's adventures and you will see this evident in later session recaps.


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