Session 3: Attack on Triboar

Storm King's Thunder 
**Spoiler Warning for the Storm King's Thunder hardcover adventure** (you have been warned or some such)

Recap for Session 3: Attack on Triboar
Long-Term Goal: Figure out what the Giants are up to and stop them.

Short-Term Goal: Complete the Triboar NPC quests in order to find clues into what is going on with the Giants.  First up: Darz Helgar had an old acquaintance who had an interesting tale to tell in which he saw a dwarf cleaning the stables in Xantharl’s Keep. This acquaintance believed this dwarf to be the Weevil, an outlaw wanted by authorities in Mirabar for 5,000 gp alive.  Darz feels that he is too old to take on this quest but offers it to Force Grey in repayment for defending Triboar.

High Points: Force Grey held off the Fire giants Ildmane and Okssort from sacking Triboar and killing all of its people. Ghelryn Foehammer (the Royal Armorer of Citadel Felbarr) did perish in the fighting but he was the only victim of the direct confrontation with Ildmane and her legion. The Fire giants left Triboar, after digging up a fragment of the Vonindod, but were set upon immediately by a pair of brown skinned and rune covered Desert giants. Force Grey managed to capture an Orog of Luthic who revealed that his tribe had been hired by Ildmane and Okssort. Lord Commander Peiron of the Knights of Samular arrived seeking a prophesized chosen of Tyr who would bear a fallen one’s armor. The Lord Commander threw a bit of a fit when he found Garoc to be the prophesied one and stormed out of Triboar (leaving the armor with Garoc). Darz Helgar gave Force Grey their next quest, though other NPCs are gathering rumors/sending messages so as to point Force Grey to their next best destination.

Complications/Unresolved Questions:  Darrin made a deal with Harriet Uldinath to resize the Orog fullplate for him. Will the Knights of Samular send a contingent to Triboar to help in the general defense against the Giants? Who was Ward Gusthammer and why did Okssort have his tombstone? What’s the deal with the Vonindod? Why did the Desert giants attack the Fire giants? What’s with the skull Leif found at Six Windows?

Level Update: Force Grey gained 6th level during this session. If you would like to make minor tweaks and/or changes to your character please let the DM know.

DM Notes: Volo’s Guide to Monsters came out shortly before I ran this section of the adventure. I did a quick skim and focused on areas that I might have needed right away (like the Orcs and Giants). This session was interesting in that it featured a really indepth combat encounter. I ran the combat by having the enemies advance in waves. The Orcs went first and caused general mayhem followed closely by the magmins who tried to set fire or swarm enemies as much as they could. The Orog’s formed a phalanx and lead the Fire giants into town. Once at the dig site the Orogs continued their advance into the PCs. The Orogs bought enough time for the Fire giants to dig up a piece of the Vonindod while occasionally throwing stones at any combatant who seemed to be getting the upperhand.
When I was preparing for this session I became worried about what I would do after the Fire giant fight. I decided to keep one NPC (Darz Helgar) out of the fight so that he could give the party his quest first. I noticed that the Triboar quests were mostly to the East so I waited to see if any NPCs died before preparing those quests. This worked well as I gained a week or two to prepare the rest of the Triboar quests.


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