Session 5: Back to Triboar

Storm King's Thunder 
**Spoiler Warning for the Storm King's Thunder hardcover adventure** (you have been warned or some such)

Recap for Session 5: Back to Triboar
Long-Term Goal: Figure out what the Giants are up to and stop them.

Short-Term Goal: Complete the Triboar NPC quests in order to find clues into what is going on with the Giants.  First up: Darz Helgar had an old acquaintance who had an interesting tale to tell in which he saw a dwarf cleaning the stables in Xantharl’s Keep. Force Grey is currently on their way back from Mirabar.  Next up?

High Points: Force Grey ran into a couple of groups of bandits during their trip back from Mirabar. First was a group claiming to be collecting a toll to fix a bridge (most were blown up in a fireball). Second was a group that sprung a trap around Force Grey and attempted to kill or disable the heroes, they were not successful.
Force Grey also ran into a Fire Giant Dig Site where 3 Ogres were pulling up a piece of adamantine from the ground while supervised by a Fire Giant. Around the site was a large group of Hobgoblins and Goblin workers. Force Grey decided to not engage this group and instead sent Dylan back to Xantharl’s Keep to inform the garrison there of what was happening.
Later the group ran into a friendly Ranger named Saarvin who made a figurine for each character while traveling to Longsaddle. During one of the nights a group consisting of a Hill giant, 3 Ogres, and 6 Bugbears attacked the party in an attempt to take them as food for Chief Guh. The food hunters were defeated.
Back in Triboar, Darathra Shendrel gave the party Dylan’s new bow while explaining a strange situation with a dragon named Felgolos. Force Grey gained their new quests and went out to see what was wrong in Gwaeron’s Slumber (the local forest). They found an Oni (Ogre Mage) and slew him.

Complications/Unresolved Questions:   Who was Ward Gusthammer and why did Okssort have his tombstone? What’s the deal with the Vonindod? Why did the Desert giants attack the Fire giants? What’s with the skull Leif found at Six Windows? Will the Harpell made magic items be a boon or a curse? Who is Chief Guh? Who is the dragon Felgolos? What was an Oni doing in the local forest? What quests will actually bear fruit? What places does the group wish to visit in the North?

Level Update: Still 6th level, probably going to be 6th level for awhile.

DM Notes: As 6th level characters some combats can become silly pretty quickly. The sweet spot for lower CR creatures seems to be if they can gain initiative over the party. The first bandit fight went really quickly as the party was able to gain the initiative and drop a fireball on the clumped up bandits. The second bandit fight was a bit different as the bandits were spread out and coming from all around the group. Very different fights based on how the enemy was positioned. Just an interesting thought I had when running this session.
Describing Felgolos was fun and he joined the party for a little while (in an upcoming session). Also, at will invisibility from the Oni made the Gwaeron’s Slumber encounter.


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