Session 6: There and Back Again

Storm King's Thunder 
**Spoiler Warning for the Storm King's Thunder hardcover adventure** (you have been warned or some such)

Recap for Session 6: There and Back Again
Long-Term Goal: Figure out what the Giants are up to and stop them.

Short-Term Goal: Complete the Triboar NPC quests in order to find clues into what is going on with the Giants.  Heading to Noanar’s Hold to drop off the harnesses Othovir made for Narth Tezrin.

High Points: Force Grey was busy this session. (Besides taking two extra days in Triboar to start some personal jobs/quests/trainings) Force Grey members eventually embarked on their quests heading to the East.
They made it as far as Yartar and met up with Felgolos himself in Halfling form. Felgolos talked the party into accompanying him to the Grand Dame gambling ship to stop a Zhent scheme to steal some gold. While the Zhents didn’t get Pow Ming’s gold pouch they did manage to poison Felgolos with something he is allergic to and had a grand old time trying to bring down the “flying misfortune”. Luckily for Felgolos he was with Force Grey. Many Zhents were slain, Pow Ming was thrust overboard and the Grand Dame still sits in the dockyard making money.
Before we ended for the evening Felgolos did agree to carry the party so far as Noanar’s Hold before going off on any “Zhent recovery” missions.

Complications/Unresolved Questions:   What knowledge does Felgolos have that could help Force Grey?  Will the Zhentarim hold a grudge for the debacle of the Grand Dame?  What’s next in Noanar’s Hold? What places does the group wish to visit in the North?

Level Update: 7th Level.

DM Notes: Our group has decided to string out the Storm King’s Thunder storyline for 20 levels. I’ve begun making tweaks on the NPCs as necessary but that tweaking will continue.
When I began the Storm King’s Thunder game I decided that I was going to go back to using minis and a game mat. It’s something I used to do but I had cut it out as game prep time became limited. Using the game mat does add something different to our game nights and many of the player’s are very tactically oriented so I wanted to provide this experience. You will see that this becomes a problem later as my prep time gets hit again (darn kids and their activities (I’m not actually mad about that, fyi, facts of life)).

This session was a lot of fun to DM. The party enjoyed interacting with Felgolos and Leif’s player got to highlight his second persona again. I really enjoyed having one player being “inside” with the Zhents and the others working with Felgolos. When Felgolos accidentally changed back into his dragon form things got pretty real. The cramped area of the ship (and wooden nature) made dropping fireballs not a great idea so that forced the party to think a little more about their tactics. There was also a NPC on the ship who kept giving away the assassin rogue’s position. That was hilarious to roleplay.


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